Snow White (by Heather Ross) Reversible Dress

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Artwork by designer Heather Ross.

The reversible, pinafore wrap dress is perfect for all year round. An easy peasy dress to throw on your toddler during spring/summer. Add leggings and a tee during fall/winter. If she has a spill, no worries! Just flip it around and you have a whole new dress. 2 dresses for the price of 1!

  • Sizes are true to age. 6m-3/4T
  • Each piece is handmade by the creator of Sew Much Cooler
  • Fabric is 100% cotton and handpicked by the creator for a truly unique dress you will cherish
  • All fabric is washed & shrunk for your convenience 

Background story: The first product Lindsay made for her daughter was the reversible dress.  To her pleasant and humbling surprise, more and more people began asking “Where did you get that dress!?”  The combination of silhouette and print seemed to especially catch people’s eye.  After making a few dresses for local moms, the demand continued to steadily grow until Lindsay started her own small business. Today, SMC has a plethora of designs and styles, which are sold in stores throughout the East Coast